For Startups

  • Professional and individual support to innovation entrepreneurs, from idea to creation
  • Pitching and Ideation workshops
  • Business Plans and Market Studies help
  • Partnership with startups, for the conception of prototypes, and scale-up phase
  • Digital Marketing and Social media presence
  • Communication : logo, medias, and corporate identity
  • Technical Architecture conception
  • Innovation products
  • Talent Hiring
Services à destination des startups
Services à destination des entreprises

For Businesses

  • Digital Transformation of the company, digital workspace
  • Introduction of new methodologies and technologies
  • Innovation labs & Digital Factories
  • Technical Architecture evolution
  • Prototyping, PoCs, MVPs
  • Events organisation : Meetups, Hackathons, technical workshops
  • Dedicated Feature Teams
  • Professional Training
  • Web and Mobile Application Development

    Websites & Langing pages
    Enterprise Application
    iOS Mobile App, Android, Hybrid
    Micro Services Architecture

  • DevOps

    Feature teams and Time To Market reduction
    Docker Containers
    Kubernetes Orchestration
    Continuous Integration and Deployment

  • AI & Machine Learning

    Chatbots & Conversational interfaces
    Predictive Algorithms
    Use cases Definition and prototyping

  • Social Media Communication

    Communication Plans
    Social Media Management
    Community Management
    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram…
  • Migrate on-Premise to the Cloud

    Migration to managed services
    Cloud Providers : AWS, GCP, Azure
    Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC)
    Infrastructure Cos Management

  • Big Data Architecture

    Big Data Storage Solutions
    Datalake and ETL construction
    Data visualization & Business Intelligence

  • BlockChain & NFT

    Prototyping and MVP
    Ethereum, Solana, BSC…
    Cryptocurrencies & NFT

  • Methodologies

    Scrum and Agile Methodologies
    Design Thinking
    Lean, Kanban, Lean Startup

Our Values

MindsIT is a software company inc. in 2019. It was created to help companies achieve and deliver meaningful technilogical innovations.

Innovate against all odds, and go outside the comfort zones, to discover and exploit our true potential.

Guide corporates through a development and a growth, which are responsible and caring of the consequences on the society and the planet.

Respect our collaborators, our clients, our partners, and their own personal morals.

Put Human back at the core of the society’s digital transformation. Behind each project, there are men and women with their context and diversity.

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